Advanced Care Paramedic


Occupational First Aid Attendant Level 3

Emergency Medical Responder

An Industry Leader
for Onsite Medical Services

We provide OFA Level 3, EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) and Paramedic services along with fully equipped Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC's) and paramedic units. We are certified to provide emergency medical and First Aid services throughout western Canada and the Territories.

We provide First Aid & Medical services for:

  • Oil & Gas Operations
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Forestry & Mining
  • Plant Turnarounds
  • Construction
  • Civil Projects
  • Remote Location
  • High Hazard Work Environments

Trained. Certified. Ready.

Fully qualified in advanced airway, breathing and circulation management.

Fully trained and certified in CPR techniques and AED use.

Trained in records maintenance, inventory inspections, field paperwork and communications equipment.

Available office-based Paramedic supervisor and Contract Medical Director for 24 hour support.

Questions about our Medic, First Aid or MTC Services?

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