Proudly Working With First Nations

Mountainview Safety Services has formed  joint ventures with First Nation communities in British Columbia and Alberta to provide new services and economic opportunities.

Our relationship with the Halfway River First Nation was our first joint venture which has opened many doors for us in the oil and gas industry due to the community’s close proximity to the Montney Play. We were in on the ground floor when the exploration began in the Farrell Creek and Cypress areas and have remained throughout the growth and development of further exploration and production.

These joint ventures continue to provide long-term economic benefits and employment opportunities within the communities along with educational opportunities in the medic, safety and security fields.

Our Partners

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Halfway River First Nation

After working with the Halfway River First Nation Community for 8 years, we formed a 51% First Nation owned joint venture known as Halfway River Mountainview Safety Ltd. which provides first aid, paramedi and security services to industry.

Kelly Lake Cree Nation

Kelly Lake Cree Nation is located in Alberta along Highway 2 and encompasses a vast region extending south to Jasper. Our medic and security contracts include the Borea Wind Farm at Tumbler Ridge, BC, Pembina Pipeline, NTL Pipelines and OJ Pipelines.

Yekooche First Nation

The Yekooche First Nation is located 76 kilometers northwest of Fort St. James, BC. Currently there is minimal activity in the area however future LNG projects and increased forestry activity will provide benefits to the Yekooche First Nation and region.


We provide a number of education and training programs to First Nation members at no charge. These safety training programs provide opportunities to obtain employment in industry.

Career Pathways

We fully support our First Nation community members that aspire to become licensed Security Guards or Industrial First Aid attendants. These opportunities are beneficial to both the individual and community, providing health and wellness growth in a small community and creating role models for younger generations of community members.

Economic Benefits

Economic benefits are directed to the First Nation communities. These revenues support community programs, health and well being and opportunity for each Nation.

Community Engagement

In addition to education and career support, we have provided medical and security services for the Halfway River Rodeo for the last 4 years. Our long term relationship with Halfway River is indicative of our success.